Close up of someone writing down character stats

Gaming Outdoors: What are the best places to play DnD?

Stereotypically, all DnD sessions are held in somebody’s parent’s basement. We know that’s not the case. One of the coolest things about role playing games in general is that you can play literally everywhere. Scientists in Antarctica have played DnD, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we hear about the first game in space. 

Assuming you don’t have your own rocket, what are the best places to play DnD?

From my own background – which includes lots and lots of Ren Faires – there’s a lot to be said for playing DnD in a setting that gives off the right aesthetic vibe for your campaign. You need a somewhat private space to keep game play from interrupting other people’s experiences – but people telling stories around the fire is a tradition as old as time. So if you find yourself with a group of gaming buddies at a suitable event, treat yourself to that experience.

Close up of someone writing down character stats

Gaming outdoors in general is pretty neat. Pragmatically, you may want a shaded or screened in area to play in. This helps avoid sudden downpours ruining all of your books & character sheets, as well as being more comfortable than sitting in the direct sun. Nature does often present magnificent settings for DnD. Keep your eyes open for locations when hiking or exploring. Local parks and nature reserves often have picnic areas that can work well for gaming. Time your session to avoid times when those tables are in peak demand.

What do you need to play DnD outdoors?

The beauty of role playing is you can have fun without a lot of stuff. All it takes to always be ready for adventure is a pocket dice set and your character sheet – either digital, or very old school printed on paper and folded carefully to fit in your wallet. It’s a good idea to have a dice rolling tray to prevent anyone from losing their dice to the great outdoors. The GMs amongst us will also want rules and reference material. 

That’s the minimalist approach to what you’ll need for gaming purposes. Some groups may enjoy play more with some maps, character tokens, life counters and other gaming accessories – so bring them if you want them!

It’s also a good idea to have snacks and beverages for all party members. Gaming outdoors may bring with it some environmental concerns, so make sure you’re equipped with sunscreen, bug spray, or other nature-mitigating technologies as needed. 

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