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Learn the Viking Runes: Ansuz

Celtic Knot Works Jewelry Ansuz Rune Pendant – Higher Power, Inspiration, Divine Force – Ancient Traditions

Ansuz is one of the Viking runes associated with Odin. Ansuz is the rune for words & sounds, both of which Odin used to weave his magic. For this reason, Ansuz is strongly associated with inspiration, particularly inspiration that comes from a higher or divine force.

Language, poetry and song are all associated with Ansuz. There’s also a strong connotation of breath or breathing – highlighting that all creative works come from somewhere deep inside the artist. Creativity can create feelings of ecstasy and relief similar to childbirth. This is one of the mysteries of Ansuz. Many artists, musicians and creative people wear Ansuz as a pendant to help them remain open to inspiration.

Understanding Ansuz: Excerpts from the Rune Poems

Ansuz can be translated as both estuary – the broad base of a river, where the water enters the sea – and mouth. Additionally, the Ansuz rune was also used to refer to Odin. We see these different usages in the rune poems thus:

In the Icelandic, referencing Odin:

Óss is aged Gautr

   and prince of Asgard

   and lord of Valhalla.

In the Old English rune poem, used as ‘mouth’,

The mouth is the beginning of all speech,

a support to wisdom and a comfort to the wise,

and a prosperity and trust to every earl.

What Does it Mean When Ansuz is in the Runes?

Ansuz is a reminder to listen. Odin communicated in many ways, and so too any divine inspiration that comes to you may come through unusual forms. The Vikings spoke of wisdom flowing from the Gods into people. This resulted in some people becoming talented speakers and storytellers. If you’re ever in a situation where you need to persuade someone to your point of view, Ansuz can provide much needed support. 

Ansuz is also strongly associated with leadership. When Ansuz appears in a rune reading, it may be a sign that you will be starting on a new educational journey. Are you receptive to receiving wisdom from elders and divine sources?

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