Learn the Viking Runes: Wunjo

Celtic Knot Works Jewelry Wunjo Rune Pendant – Joy, Victory,Gratitude – Ancient Traditions

Wunjo is the Viking rune for joy. This sense of exuberant triumph can be on the personal level, or it can be something that is experienced at the community level. With Wunjo, there is no holding back: ecstasy and bliss are yours to enjoy. 

Wunjo is strongly associated with victory. This success can be in business, romance, or on the battlefield. For this reason, Wunjo is considered a favorable rune to use at the start of any new endeavor. Wunjo is also considered a healing rune, as it promotes healthy connections between the body and the mind. We have learned from modern science that the emotional state can impact physical health: the Vikings identified this critical concept a long time ago. 

Wunjo in History: A Look at the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

The Rune Poems remain our best source for what runes meant to the Vikings and other early people. In the case of Wunjo, we see a reference that clarifies what joy and happiness means:

Who uses it knows no pain,

sorrow nor anxiety, and he himself has

prosperity and bliss, and also enough shelter.

What Does It Mean When Wunjo Appears in a Rune Reading?

Some say Wunjo’s shape is that of a weather vane, signifying that we must trust the Gods to steer us towards happiness. Another interpretation of Wunjo is that we will achieve the happiness we are working toward. If you have been engaged on a long-term campaign, Wunjo’s appearance can signal that you are close to achieving your goals. 

Wunjo is also strongly associated with the joy of community and belonging. When Wunjo appears when you’re casting runes, it can mean that it’s time to celebrate those relationships that are of profound importance to you. It’s important to balance personal joy and community happiness: Wunjo can serve as a reminder that both are necessary.

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