Journey Well: Lessons of the Celtic Turtle

The inscription on our Celtic Turtle pendants reads “Life is a Journey. Journey well!”. The reason we chose this wording is because turtles are incredible travelers. If there’s anyone who can teach us how to get around the world without losing our cool, it’s the Celtic Turtle.

Celtic Knot Works Jewelry Celtic Turtle Pendant
Celtic Knot Works Jewelry Celtic Turtle Pendant

Turtle Travel Lesson #1: It’s Never Too Far Away

A turtle isn’t going to let a little distance keep them from going wherever they want. Leatherback sea turtles – the species that most strongly resembles the Celtic Turtle – can travel as much as 10,000 miles in a single year. And that journey is just for food & romance! So don’t put limits on your travel dreams. 

Turtle Travel Lesson #2: Eat Well When You’re On the Road

This bit of wisdom comes from sea turtles – who eat a very healthy mostly veggie & seafood diet – as well as from our experience bringing Celtic jewelry and gifts to you at fairs, festivals, and other events. The food you eat is going to directly impact how much fun you have on your journey. If you take the time to make sure you’re eating nutritious foods & drinking plenty of water, you’re going to journey well!

Turtle Travel Lesson #3: Take the Time to Enjoy the Scenery

Even the fastest turtle is still pretty slow. One of the purposes of the Celtic Turtle pendant is to remind people to slow down and enjoy the wonderful aspects of life as they happen. Most sea turtles go less than 6 mph most of the time. We’re under a lot of social pressure to rush everywhere, all of the time. Being willing to go a little slower – flipper speed, let’s say – gives you the opportunity to experience the world in a more engaged and detailed fashion. Just don’t try this in the high-speed lane!