Awesome Celtic Acorn Jewelry: A Tale of Thor & Oak Trees

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You can’t really talk about Celtic history too terribly long before somebody mentions the Vikings, and you can’t really talk about the Vikings too terribly long before somebody mentions Thor. Now that we’ve gone and done that, it’s time to delve into some interesting symbology you might not have known about.

The first thing many people think of when they hear Thor’s name is his famous hammer, Mjolnir. A powerful weapon, symbolic of strength and protection – Mjolnir is well worth paying attention to, but not right now.

Right now, we’re going to focus on something a little smaller. Okay, a lot smaller. Acorn-sized, to be exact. You see, oak trees are sacred to Thor. Their ridged bark surrounds the tree in such a way that if lightning should happen to strike – something that Thor made happen with that hammer of his – the oak tree would explode into burning bits. That oak-fire may have been the first flames humans had, until they figured out the knack of making it for themselves. As such, the trees were very special – and the fruit of the oak tree, the acorn, was doubly so.

Druids & Acorns – Peering Into the Future

The druids were the Celtic people’s wise men. Known as religious leaders, druids were also known for giving legal, medical, and leadership advice. They met in oak forests, and had a strong belief that consuming acorns would help them see into the future. In fact, some sources translate druid as “oak knowledge”.

As an aside, acorns have been a food crop for many societies over the years. It takes a lot of work to prepare them, and the flavor isn’t anything you’ll write home about, but if you need to keep yourself from starving to death, they’ll do the trick.

Acorns & Encouragement: A Symbol of Growth and Potential

An acorn is a single seed. All things considered, acorns are relatively small – their size is limited by the fact that they need to be carried by squirrels, jay birds, and other creatures to be dispersed at all. And yet, from this single small seed, a towering tree will grow.

It's easy to see why acorns became a symbol of growth and potential. In some traditions, it’s customary to give a gift with an acorn motif to a new baby – or more properly, the parents of the new baby – as a way to wish them good fortune and a bright future.

Acorns are an appropriate gift any time you want to encourage someone. There are many points in life when someone is doing everything they can to grow into their full potential – whether that’s at school, in the workplace, as part of a physical fitness routine, on a recovery journey, or more – and it’s nice to let them know they have your unflagging support. We’ve had many customers report they’ve used the Acorn Pocket Charms in exactly this fashion – they’re available with a lovely oak leaf pendant charm holder for an extra special gift.  If you’re looking for a more singular item, you’ll be glad to know the Celtic Acorn also comes as a pendant, pin, money clip, match box and more. See the full collection here – and remember, free shipping when you spend just $30!

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