Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

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Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day … That’s Something to Celebrate

Last year, a reported 149 million Americans celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. And from what we hear, the projections are that at least that many people are planning to do the same this year. For many people – more than 1 in 4, according to CNN – that means heading out to a bar or restaurant. Still others will participate in a parade, run in a race, or engage in that most traditional of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – enjoying a few pints while having some laughs with their mates.

What’s interesting about St. Patrick’s Day is that the number of people who celebrate the day far exceed the number of people who have Irish ancestry – by more than 4 to 1! To us, this is proof that what was once a divisive holiday has come now to unite people in a common appreciation of fun, friendship, and Celtic culture.  As they say, everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

With that in mind, here are some of award-winning jewelry designer Bob Heiney’s gorgeous versions of traditional Celtic designs. Which one will you pick to wear with your St. Patrick’s Day attire?

The Shamrock Pendant with Spirals 

There’s nothing more Irish than a shamrock. This symbol of good luck is hand cast in fine pewter and then etched with a traditional triple spiral – an ancient symbol from the Emerald Isle. This pendant is 1” square, with a hidden bail in the back. We package it with a 24” black steel ball chain for a fun, festive look. Other chain options are available!

The Triskele Pendant

The neat thing about Celtic design is the layers of symbolism that are built intoevery piece. For example, the triple spiral pattern, also known as the Triskele, is used to evoke growth, transition and expansion. St. Patrick’s Day happens in the early spring, a time of year when the Earth itself shakes off winter’s snowy grasp and turns herself green once again. This is a perfect pendant for anyone who’s going through or planning life changes – a lovely way to signal your encouragement and support.

Build Your Intuition with the Celtic Tree of Life Pendulum

If you’re looking for a unique St. Patrick’s Day gift, you’ll want to check out the Celtic Tree of Life Pendulum. Crystal pendulums are a unique tool you can use to strengthen your powers of perception – we explain how to do that here. 

The Celtic Tree of Life Pendulum features a gorgeous natural aventurine pendulum. Green aventurine is said to be one of the luckiest of all crystals, and its beautiful green hue is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. On the other end of the pendulum’s chain, our award-winning Celtic Tree of Life design. Matching Celtic knots form the branches and roots of a tree joined by a trunk that evokes the form of a joyful, growing person. The inscription on the back reads “Not all who wander are lost.”

Not Sure? Celtic Knot Works Gift Card are available!

If you’d like to surprise one of your favorite people with a St. Patrick’s Day gift from Celtic Knot Works but don’t know what to pick, a Celtic Knot Works Gift Card is the perfect solution. Available in denominations from $10 - $100 dollars, Gift Cards allow you to give all of the delight without having to make any decisions!

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