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For People Facing Change: The Wisdom of the Celtic Bear

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Bears have always had an important place in Celtic story telling. We have evidence of this dating back centuries. Ancient small carvings of bears, known now as the Armagh Pagan Statues, were discovered when St. Peter’s Cathedral was being renovated – between 1834 and 1840. Bears are symbolic of many things, including the concept of transformation and change.

Change Is Inevitable. The Bear Carries On.

At this time of year, when the weather gets cold and it starts to get snowy, the bear looks for a place to hibernate. This is when mother bears give birth to their young. Throughout the long cold season, the bears grow and change. In spring, when the bears emerge from their dens, they are wiser and well-rested – prepared to meet a world that expects much and rewards courage.

If you’re facing a change in your life, or you know someone who is, meditating on the wisdom of the Celtic Bear can make finding the way forward a little easier. When I created the Celtic Bear pendant, it was very important to me that the design accurately showed the balance between the bear’s curious, friendly nature and quiet strength. Bears live a challenging existence, but they navigate it with grace.

Strength. Courage. Compassion. Wisdom.

Artio means She-Bear. In Celtic tradition, the Goddess Artio oversaw the hunt, and the people celebrated her bounty every autumn with a harvest festival. Echoes of Artio’s story can be seen in the life of St. Ursula, who had a profound impact on Irish culture in her time.

Many people who feel connected to the Celtic Bear say they’re drawn to the bear’s protective nature. We’ve found that people who are care givers or guardians often identify with the bear, as well as anyone who needs a great deal of strength to address life’s challenge.

Celtic Bear Jewelry: For Men & Women

We offer the Celtic Bear design in many forms, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The Celtic Bear Pendant is by far the most popular option. This is my own original design – the second version, actually; you can read the story of how this work evolved in the product description – and it’s made of hand cast fine pewter. Every piece is created individually, with the intention of adding joy to the wearer’s life through craftsmanship.

The Celtic Bear Pendant is also available in Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver has a slightly brighter finish than the Pewter. All Sterling Silver pieces are produced in small batches and are subject to limited availability, so if you want one for the holidays, please let me know right away – I’d hate for anyone to be disappointed.

Make Their Holiday Magical: The Celtic Bear Gift Set

When you’re considering your holiday gift giving, you won’t want to miss this special package deal. The Celtic Bear Gift Set combines the best selling Celtic Bear Pendant with the distinctive Celtic Bear Money Clip.

The Money Clip is actually pretty awesome. I make them out of brushed 20 gauge stainless steel with a pewter emblem. They’re the ultimate minimalist wallet – they work great to keep cash, cards & ID securely together and are a great option for the active person who appreciates distinctive accessories.

The Celtic Bear Gift Set includes two pieces for one low price. Give them both to a special someone, give two people gifts, or give one and keep the other for yourself – we’ll never tell! For holiday delivery, you’ll want to place your order by December 19th – and don’t forget, it’s free shipping on orders over $30!

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