This Yule, Smell Like a Viking!

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Trust us – that’s a very good thing. Just in time for the holiday season, we’re happy to announce our new collaboration with Paintbox Soapworks. Three great exclusive limited edition scents – Wayfinder, Tree of Life, and Light in the Dark - available as hard cologne, luxurious hot process soap, and shaving soap. 

There’s More to Being a Viking Than Raiding and Trading 

Vikings were known for their excellent personal hygiene – a tradition we’re very glad carries on to this very day. Bathing was very important to the Vikings, and they appreciated a well-kept beard. As a rugged people, the Vikings took advantage of opportunities to enjoy the finer things in life. We doubt they’d be able to resist these amazing creations from Paintbox Soapworks. 

What Makes Paintbox Soapworks Special? 

Yes, you can go to the drug store any time you like and buy soap – but you’re not going to find luxurious hand made soaps like these. Each bar is individually made, and the experience of using these soaps will forever change your opinion on how cleaning up should be done. 

Here’s Haley, the master soapmaker and owner of Paintbox Soapworks, explaining her process: This soap is made from scratch by me in my own workshop. If you find glycerin soaps a bit too drying, this is the bar for you. I've spent several months developing a coconut- & shea-free, vegan formula that lathers beautifully & is packed with nourishing vegetable oils & butters. I make my hot process soap in small batches, & allow each batch to cure for 3 weeks to ensure a firm, mild bar.

(To read a full ingredient list, click here.

Gift Sets = Easy Holiday Magic

To make your holiday season super simple, we created some awesome gift sets with Paintbox Soapworks. Super exciting – the new Solid Cologne Treasure Boxes. Each gorgeous scent – Wayfinder, Tree of Life, and Light in the Dark – comes in a stainless steel treasure box laser etched by me with the Viking Compass, Tree of Life, or Moon & Stars design. The cologne travels securely in a handbuilt birchwood insert. The treasure box is slightly larger than a business card, and fits easily into a pocket or bag. This makes it easy to stay smelling great no matter where your travels take you. 

You can see all of the Solid Cologne Treasure Boxes here

We’ve also done very cool gift sets pairing your choice of hot process or shaving

soap with a handcast pewter pocket charm for just $16. This is a nice combination that gives your recipient one gift to use and one to hold onto, thereby maximizing the smiles. See all of the Soap Gift Sets here. 

Don’t Miss the Traveler’s Balm

The Vikings liked a well-kept beard and if you do too, you’ll want to know about the Traveler’s Balm. This special long lasting balm formula can be used externally from head to toe. Use it to dress & condition your beard, protect your lips from dry air, keep your hands soft & supple, ease chafing, & soothe callouses. I love it, and think you will too. Check it out here

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