The Wonder of the Wolf Moon

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In wolf country, winter nights can be pretty noisy. There’s a couple of reasons for that. Wolves are pack animals; they travel in groups. Staying coordinated requires communication. To accomplish this, wolves howl. A single wolf howl is 3 to 7 seconds, but there’s rarely a single wolf howl. Instead, you hear the entire pack’s conversation, which can go on for minutes.

Imagine what listening to that would be like, especially if you lived in the remote wilderness. In the northern regions of New York state, wolves were once active at this time of year – it’s mating season, and romance requires a certain amount of chit-chat, no matter what species is involved. Put the two facts together with the spectacle of a full moon hanging high in the night sky over bare-branched trees and frozen ground, and the occasion practically names itself: it’s the Wolf Moon.

This year, the Wolf Moon is going to be particularly magnificent.

The full moon can be beautiful and awe-inspiring at any time of the year. But the Wolf Moon is lining up to be very special indeed. For one thing, the moon is going to be particularly close to Earth on that date. This means the moon’s going to appear larger and brighter than usual. It’s what some people call a Super Moon.

The other thing that’s really cool about the Wolf Moon is that it’s the year’s only total lunar eclipse. When the Earth’s shadow falls over the moon, the moon’s light appears to turn reddish-orange. It’s a stunning sight, and one you won’t wat to miss this year. The Wolf Moon happens on Sunday, January 20th. You’ll be able to see it, weather permitting, throughout most of the United States. The total eclipse of the moon begins at 11:41 pm EST and will last a little bit longer than an hour.

The Lesson of the Wolf
Wolves live their lives on the go. They don’t have time to make long, considered studies on an issue before they act. Instead, wolves must act decisively and quickly. That – and their strong pack relationships – are how wolves can survive and even thrive in environments that would be far too challenging for most animals.

The wolf teaches us about trusting our instincts and the value of loyalty. Wolf jewelry is a favorite of free spirits and curious souls – the people who like to find their own way through the world. Bold adventures and best friends also value the wolf: they recognize some of their own strength in this wild creature.

Remember to Trust Yourself
The wolf’s famous loyalty is a lesson about the value of trust. Wolves trust two parties: themselves, when they decide who is and isn’t in their pack, and their packmates. You have to be able to trust yourself before you can truly trust anyone else. If you’re struggling with being confident in your decisions, or you’re unsure of your course, consider the wolf for a while. Learning to rely on your instincts and judgement is one of the  most freeing experiences you will ever have.

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