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Celtic Bear Pendant

  • Proudly Handcrafted in USA.
  • Hand cast fine pewter pendant  with 21" stainless steel snake chain.
  • Approximately 7/8″ wide and 1 5/8" tall including bail.
  • Inscription: "Strength Compassion Courage Wisdom"

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This fine pewter pendant is striking to look at and comfortable to wear. The design is raised with an antiqued background. This pendant makes a great gift for friends, loved ones, or yourself.

• Handcrafted in USA.
• Hand cast fine pewter pendant.
• Approximately 7/8″ wide and 1 5/8" tall including bail.
• Inscription: "Strength Compassion Courage Wisdom"

About celtic knots and my bear design--

Celtic knotwork patterns have been used for centuries as symbols of connection, protection, and good luck. And, let’s be honest, because they look awesome.

I made this bear because I've always liked bears and what they represent, but I had a hard time finding one that was neither too cute nor too ferocious. They symbolize strength, compassion, courage and wisdom, but can also be very powerful when pushed too far. This is my second design iteration of the bear. My first attempt didn't capture the quiet strength of the bear. This design captures a good balance: looking friendly and open, and also showing the underlying strength of the bear.

All CelticKnotWorks pieces are proudly handcrafted in the USA. This bear is my original design, designed from scratch. I make these pendants in partnership with my family business, Deva Designs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great all around!

Beautiful product, great customer service, and I'll definitely be buying from them again soon!

Beautiful Bear Pendant

I bought this Bear Pendant for the birthday of a very special lady who is like a mother to me and so many who know her. I affectionately call her Mamma Bear, not only for her love of bears, but for the way she looks after all her "cubs". The inscription on the back fits her so well. She loved this pendant when I gave it to her! I couldn't be happier with Bob's designs, the quality of his work, and his desire to take care of providing excellent buying experiences to his customers! Have purchased from Celtic Knot Works twice so far and will definitely purchase again!

Extraordinary Service

When Amazon messed up my order and my pendant didn't arrive i called Bob and explained what happened. He was very kind and sent out a pendant to my address for the mishap. Quality service


Love it.


I got this piece as a Christmas present for a friend he absolutely loves it