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Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) Keychain

  • Proudly Handcrafted in USA.
  • Hand cast lead-free fine pewter with steel keyring.
  • Approximately 1.25″ wide and 1.5" tall.
  • Double sided with the design on both sides.

About Celtic knots and my Thor's Hammer design--

Celtic knotwork patterns have been used for centuries as symbols of connection, protection, and good luck. And, let’s be honest, because they look awesome.

A friend wanted a Thor's Hammer design on a beer mug, so I sat down and worked out this knot that same day. It is my take on some of the ancient pendants found at archeological sites. In my version, I've created the entire design in a single line knot pattern also known as an eternity knot. It turned out so good I could not resist making a pendant out of it.

About Thor's Hammer:

• Thor's Hammer (Mjöllnir) is a symbol of protection and blessings. It was wielded by Thor in Norse mythology to protect Asgard from its enemies.

All CelticKnotWorks pieces are proudly handcrafted in the USA. This is my original design, designed from scratch. I make these in partnership with my family business, Deva Designs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) Keychain

This is a nice looking piece... very detailed and I love that the design is on both sides. I bought this for my brother, and after seeing it, I will probably get one for myself! Quality and style as always, thanks Bob!

Hammer key chain

Very nicely made and I like the design. It is perfect for a pull to wear on my handbag. I considered buying one for a necklace as well. Great service as well. Good for all life Warriors.


My fiance' was very happy with his "That's Hammer" key chain! Thank you so very much for creating an excellent piece of art!