Bob HeineyBe your own kind of awesome!  My works are original designs handcrafted in the USA.
-Bob, Creator, owner, maker.

The Artists:


Hi, I am Bob Heiney. I started Celtic Knot Works because I love to create jewelry and accessories that I would enjoy owning, and that would appeal to other people like me.

I love creating things by hand. Over the years, I have dabbled in leatherworking, made silver jewelry, worked with pewter, done woodworking, and made candles, among other things. I also discovered and fell in love with Celtic Knots, one of the coolest design elements I know.

In 2010, my mom wanted to hand over the reins of Deva Designs, (a company she started from nothing but an idea and then grew it into an industry leader in the Mind-Body-Spirit industry). My wife Suzie and I gladly accepted. This allowed us to continue her good work creating inspirational products geared primarily toward empowering women. It also allowed me to flex my creative muscles. It felt great, and we've even won some national product design awards along the way. 

The one thing missing was stuff I could wear and use. I had several ideas that would not fit well with Deva Designs, along with the means to make them, so Celtic Knot Works was born.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.   Journey well,  -Bob, creator, owner, maker

 My Maker’s Mark

A Maker’s Mark is a type of signature – the way an artist lets people in the future know who made the beautiful object they’re looking at. Every Maker’s Mark is different, and should reflect the tradition that influences the artist while communicating the character of the work they do. 

For me, this meant creating my own Bindrune. Incorporated in my Maker’s Mark, you’ll find the Elder Futhark runes Raidho, Laguz, and Hagaliz. Each of these runes has a meaning on its own – Raidho is the rune for journeys and planned change, while Laguz represents abundance. Hagaliz is the rune for turbulent change and wild nature.  One way to read the Bindrune is that abundance lies between planned change and turbulent change. I think that’s pretty cool – and it’s definitely accurate for me.

You’ll find my Maker’s Mark on new Celtic Knot Works designs, and I’m gradually adding it to the classic designs when it’s time to do a new casting of those pieces. My hope is that you’ll enjoy having signed Viking and Celtic artwork, in a way that marks these pieces as authentic and original.



Suzie Brucker Heiney's art is based in the land, sea, and sky. Whether searching the fields for flowers and seedpoofs, or scanning the skies for rainbows and meteors, she is a strong believer in the sacred beauty and wonder of nature. She applies her love of pattern, color, and light to creating designs that remind us of our strengths, and that we are all interconnected. She lives with her husband Bob in northern Arizona, where the Mogollon Rim dips down toward the Verde Valley along the meanders of Oak Creek. 


Select Photography by Capture by Design. Aubrey Holloway established Capture By Design photography in 2006 as a way to tell the stories that she believes are too often overlooked. A story collector, she sees odysseys contained in tiny things, is inspired by things that thrive in places where they shouldn't, and always appreciates the beautiful decline. She is obsessed with vivid color and the spaces where the light from within meets the open arms of the dark beyond. A wandering soul at heart, she currently resides in Colorado but is always looking for her next adventure to live, treasure to discover, and story to capture.


Cindy Potts is our storyteller. She collects legends and lore wherever she goes, and never met an obscure fact she didn’t like. Raised in NY’s Irish Alps, Cindy has lots of love for all of the stories from back home, and enjoys sharing them with you. Today, she does her writing from her home in the Adirondack Mountains, where she has a busy family, far too many cats, and a pile of books just waiting to be read.

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I am a proud board member of The North American Celtic Trade Association (NACTA). NACTA is the trade association for the Celtic market in North America. Its membership represents retailers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors and others involved in this niche market. It is a great group and I am thrilled to be involved. www.nacta.ie