Our Team

Our Team

From ideas to cool stuff, all of my products are original designs handcrafted in the USA.
-Bob, Creator, owner, maker.


Hi, I am Bob Heiney. I started Celtic Knot Works for a few reasons, but mostly because I love to create jewelry and accessories that I would enjoy owning, and that would appeal to other people like me.
 Most of my design ideas come from the simple statements from myself and others, such as “How come nobody makes a cool Celtic acorn?” or “Why can’t I find a cool steampunk money clip?”. There may not be a huge demand for it, but darn it, we want one. So I started thinking, what can I do about this?
It turns out that traveling for 10 years working with talented people at renaissance festivals, spending over a decade in professional IT work, and then taking over a family business that designs and wholesales pewter and silver jewelry, is a perfect recipe for solving this problem.
During my time travelling I came to love creating things by hand. I dabbled in leatherworking, made silver jewelry, worked with pewter, made candles, and worked with many talented artists. I also discovered and fell in love with Celtic Knots, one of the coolest design elements I know.

From there, I settled down as an IT professional, helping small businesses with technology. My time working with computers taught me several things: to love technology, to not fear breaking technology (I can fix it if I do), and to know what technology is and is not good for. For example, hand-drawing designs is a great place to start, but for final cleanup and getting them ready for making the master, a good vector graphics program is your friend!

When my mom said she was ready to retire, I jumped for joy. She wanted to hand over the reins of Deva Designs (a company she started from nothing but an idea and then grew it into an industry leader in the Mind-Body-Spirit industry) to me and my wife. We gladly accepted. This allowed us to move to Sedona AZ and continue her good work creating inspirational silver and pewter products geared mostly towards empowering women. It also allowed me to flex the creative muscles that had been underused during my IT career. Needless to say, it felt great, and we've even won some national awards for our new product designs.

The one thing that was missing was stuff I could wear and use. I had several good ideas that would not fit well with Deva Designs, along with the means to make them, so Celtic Knot Works was born. I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do. About Our intrepid photographer in the field.



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