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Beautiful work! Great customer service! Fast shipping! Will buy from Celtic Knot Works again!

Lovely Workmanship

These are the perfect Celtic runes, I especially
love the trinity knots

Excellent product t

I could not be happy with the pendant and with the service. I highly recommend them and I intend to order more items from them.

It’s perfect!

I got the Raven keychain for my sister, who is an artist and her last name is Raven! I have the bear keychain and absolutely love it, so I can’t wait to give the Raven to my sister! The special acorn present that came with it stays with me. I absolutely love it! Thank you!

So Special!

I got the fox pendant for my daughter because I have been wearing the bear for years and my daughter has asked several times for the same thing, but with her favorite animal. The fox. The Bear is so special to me and I never take it off... I cannot wait to give my daughter her necklace for her birthday next week! It’s beautiful and I already know how well made it is, because I have been a fan for years already with mine!

Mini Travel Rune Set

Well made. Just what I wanted. Very happy with my purchase!

Love them!

I've bought several match box covers for myself and as gifts for friends. Well-made, look great, highly recommend.

Labradorite Pendant

I love my new pendant. It's beautiful. I've been wearing it since I got.

Lovely craftsmanship

The money clip arrived much sooner than I expected. It's excellent quality, and a very unique piece. I would highly recommend this company.

Beautiful gift

This is the second acorn pendant I've purchased. I absolutely love it. It made a perfect gift.

So beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful chain.

Perfect gift for my friend!

This was a gift for my friend who works on the Birds of Prey show. It looked great with the upgraded chain. I know she loves it! Thanks for the quick shipping and wonderful products!

Fabulous item!

I play a character that is called Autumn Acorn Fairy at a few Renaissance Festivals, I carry acorns to give to children, I tell them that they can plant this tiny Acorn and grow a huge oak tree. There is a story that goes along with it of course. Having these charms for older children and adults too has been so sweet and many people have said that the messages on the charms have been just what they have needed in their lives. Thank you so much for making Autumn Acorn just a little bit more special! I will be ordering more charms for sure! I love these, they are so inspiring!

Excellent work

I recently got my shipment, this and the Wolf Keychain. They were a gift for a friend. They are not particularly fond of the animal, but when they saw the design of the pendant they quickly put it together. They are someone who sticks to their instincts, has this sense of loyalty that is both comforting and annoying at times, occasionally protective, and is unabashedly themselves. They very much are a wolf in my life, and I have never seen them without it since they got it. Thanks, mate, one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Love my pendant

I absolutely adore my pendant i ordered. It has very special meaning anyway but with the positive affirmations engraved it makes it that much more special. I will definitely be returning for business in the future

Beautiful Bear Pendant

I bought this Bear Pendant for the birthday of a very special lady who is like a mother to me and so many who know her. I affectionately call her Mamma Bear, not only for her love of bears, but for the way she looks after all her "cubs". The inscription on the back fits her so well. She loved this pendant when I gave it to her! I couldn't be happier with Bob's designs, the quality of his work, and his desire to take care of providing excellent buying experiences to his customers! Have purchased from Celtic Knot Works twice so far and will definitely purchase again!

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

These are the most stunning runes I have ever had the privilege to own. The craftsmanship is amazing and the artistry is simply stunning. I love everything I have gotten from here, and will continue to shop here for any and all things Celtic.

Nice set

I was delighted with the mini set...excellent quality


My dad purchased this for me and I am in love! Beautifully made and I have gotten so many compliments already. I do not hesitate to spread Celtic Knot Works!

So beautiful!

This piece is so beautiful and and so beautifully made. I purchased this as a gift for my sister and I can't wait to give it to her. Side note: I had a problem with shipping address ( my fault I'm sure) and Bob was so helpful, he sent out a replacement order even before he received the original back. Such great customer service♥️

Unreservedly awesome!

Unreservedly awesome! Workmanship is superb. Creativity is amazing. Communication and Support is great. Max stars + 10!

Very happy with my turtle. Would not hesitate to purchase again from CNW. Thank you !


I got this pendant for my partner as a surprise gift. It arrived exactly on time and I loved the emails I got tracking the shipment. The packaging was personal along with a thank you from the maker. Love ordering from this site and will continue to do so often. The items are high quality and you can see the personal touch in each one.

Shield knot pendant

It’s beautiful! It was a gift for a friend and my friend was excited to receive it.

Hammer of The Gods!

Beautifully crafted and has such a unique feel. Nothing like the mass produced garbage that EVERYONE has these days. This is an amazingly crafted work of art and I’ll always treasure it. Thanks!