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Fantastic quality a great travel set

Love it!!!

I knew I would love this shirt, but when I got it, it was even better than I expected!!! The colors are great and the graphics pop off the black shirt!!! A new favorite!!

Tree of life shirt..

I really love the design. It's comfortable and I get lots of compliments on it..Will purchase again

Thanks Celtics knot works!

Really cool, well crafted.

I often give acorn charms to people who are working on a project. I say, “Big oaks from little acorns grow.” It’s encouragement to plant the seed and nurture it. I especially love these charms since they have a saying on one side. Very clever. The detail on the Celtic knot and acorn are beautifully detailed. Thank you!

Already reviewed this

Beautiful. Wonderful customer service. The pendant will be a Valentine's Day gift for my wife.

Great shirts

I love having the design on a shirt now. The quality is great as it always is with his products


Not only is the pendant beautiful, but I appreciate the way you treat customers. The little "be-leaf" token with the Celtic acorn on the back is also beautiful. And I love your note card. Have you considered selling those blank on the inside as a product?
The pendant will be a Valentine's Day gift to my wife.

Love this!

What you don’t see in this beautiful item is the back that says “not all who wonder are lost”.

Awesome necklace

This piece looks even better in person, it is perfect!

My new favorite

Loved this as soon as it arrived! The artwork is just beautiful and the mug itself is great quality. Love the fact that my tea was hot all day too!!! Beautiful work from Bob as always!

Absolutely stunning

This a absolutely beautiful, the quality of the workmanship is just stunning. Pictures don’t do it justice! Shipping is fast and I was kept up to date with great notifications. Love it!

I’m loving my beautiful Bear mug so much!! The color and etching are gorgeous, it keeps my coffee hot for about an hour and a half with the little air tab open and probably for another hour if it was completely closed, so the insulation quality is definitely comparable to the yeti mug that my husband uses! I realized that the air tab would keep touching my nose and getting it wet when I drink if I don’t open the air tab first and the mouth tab second, but that is probably the biggest “drawback” of the mug lid. I do wish the mouth tab would snap onto the lid edge when you open it, to hold it open so it stays put when drinking, but I found that it really doesn’t move and fall forward when you’re drinking out of the mug until you get down to the last bit of coffee. The lid is really nice and air tight, so I don’t worry about splashing at all when it’s on and closed up, and it will drip out by the mouth tab when tipped over, but only when the mouth tab and not anywhere else around the lid. :)

Absolutely perfect! Love the quality and the price! Foxes hold a very special meaning to me so it was really nice to finally have something that I can wear and not worry about breaking easily or being worn down quickly.


Looks just like the pictures, great quality, really beautiful craftsmanship. I love Celtic art and mythology and it's a great to look at and be reminded of the Raven's symbolism to me.

Rune Pendant Bundle

I was fortunate enough to get the full rune pendant set. They are beautifully crafted with an oak leaf on one side and rune on the other. I appreciate being able to share my rune or display the leafside. The chain is a nice length to either tuck in or wear outside of my shirt. Well worth the purchase!

Beautiful shirt!!

Love the way the design comes to life on this shirt!!! It’s a stunning design that looks even better on the shirt, and the green is a great color!!! Love it!!

Love this pendant

I received this, and have yet to take it off. I love it, it is a constant reminder to me to speak my truth. Would give it 10 stars if I could

Very nice

Love this pendant, and the chain it came with is wonderful too!!


These are such lovely little messengers & are very well made. They are small & perfect for much needed reminders. I’ve got a friend who sees hearts all the time that serve him as a reminder that he is loved & wouldn’t you know he got the one that said I love you on it. Nearly made a tear fall. I love giving these charms out & seeing them touch souls so much.

I will be ordering more in the future. 😊


I saw these and said, wow, these are just gorgeous. I really wasn’t sure how they’d feel etc, and was honestly a little iffy on buying them, but I did, and I wasn’t disappointed. As a matter of fact, they were above & beyond what I expected them to be. They are rather weighty and solid. I LOVED that so much. The design is obviously beautiful & the messages on the back can’t be beat. I’m gonna save up a few more dollars to get the larger order in the future as I’ve already gifted out the three I had. One in particular, to a friend in Ireland who used the tree of life as a symbol of a T-shirt for an album he composed.

Thanks so much Bob for the time & effort you put into your works, because of it you offer quality craftsmanship. I’m a fan for sure!


These little charms are so great. I love the design and the meaning behind it. They are very well made and the messages are the tops. I gifted one to a stranger and it made his entire day and gave him what he needed to hear. Love doing that so much!

Bob & his company are great! Bob is prompt, kind, and thoughtful when asked a million questions, if you have them. My package got to me so much earlier than I expected it to so my friends & their families on the British Isles got them earlier as well. They LOVED them. I intend on ordering more in the future for sure. 😊

PS. Each order I have received one of these little tokens & I keep them with me in my wallet with my spare change. Every once in a while I grab one instead of what I intended to get and they serve as wonderful reminders to stay strong. I kind of love them a little bit more because I grew up in an area called Oak Park. 😊 love, love, love them.

Love it!

Loved the Tree of Life 2019 ornament so much I bought multiples to use as gifts. Great design & craftsmanship!

I love it!

The Celtic Raven Pendant was what I expected it to be based on the pictures and other reviews. It arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. I will definitely order from this site again.

Always great products

Just like the many other items I have bought the quality is fantastic and they are fun to share.


This was exactly what I was looking for and made the perfect gift! I love all of your artwork and designs And I hope to have reason to buy more soon.