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Unreservedly awesome!

Unreservedly awesome! Workmanship is superb. Creativity is amazing. Communication and Support is great. Max stars + 10!

Very happy with my turtle. Would not hesitate to purchase again from CNW. Thank you !


I got this pendant for my partner as a surprise gift. It arrived exactly on time and I loved the emails I got tracking the shipment. The packaging was personal along with a thank you from the maker. Love ordering from this site and will continue to do so often. The items are high quality and you can see the personal touch in each one.

Shield knot pendant

It’s beautiful! It was a gift for a friend and my friend was excited to receive it.

Hammer of The Gods!

Beautifully crafted and has such a unique feel. Nothing like the mass produced garbage that EVERYONE has these days. This is an amazingly crafted work of art and I’ll always treasure it. Thanks!


This set is so stunning and tiny! The perfect set for consulting the fates on the go 😉 The detail work is spot-on and, while beautiful, also durrable. I have so many people who are in love with my set and planning to get their own! Thank you for this amazing piece to add to my "tool kit"!


We purchased a set of these for my four-year-old to have a bravery touchstone to take with him to school, I relayed the story to the proprietor who sent us an additional package because the four-year-old does tend to lose things. Wonderful service and wonderful people! Thank you so much for taking the time to care about my son and his situation.
The Konyndyks

Quality & Perfection

Absolutely perfectly sized travel rune set! I love the quality of the set. Unique and perfect. Shipping was quick! Thank you.

Celtic Owl Pendant

My Celtic Owl pendant was a great purchase. It gets noticed a lot and gets comments. It is a well made solid piece of jewellery!


These tiny runes are perfect for me. I love them!

Small but mighty!

I can not believe the incredible detail on these tiny runes! The quality is incredible and I can easily take them where ever I wander. Amazing craftsmanship.

I love my rune stones, they are so awesome. I have wanted a set like this for a long time. I used them twice now and will keep using them.

Just beautiful

I absolutely love them..... (Just wish the box was not smelling of sulfur ).

wonderful item. I am more than happy with the product as well as the responsiveness

These runes are absolutely amazing! Love them so much that I ordered a regular sized set 💜


These tiny runes are beautifully crafted and very detailed. The matchbox carrying case is just as well made and perfect to keep in your purse, pocket or travel bags. Absolutely love them.

Love this!

Lovely intricate design.

Love this!

Beautiful owl, purchased as a gift for my niece.

Going strong after 2 years!

I've been wearing my dagaz necklace almost daily for nearly two years now. I'm not a "runes person", but I discovered the meaning/symbolism of this particular rune at a time of personal healing, when I needed the daily reminder that each day is new and different and yesterday doesn't have to linger. This pendant has been perfect for this journey. I put it on every morning and remind myself that no moment is forever, to not take for granted the good experiences & that the bad times will pass. That I have clarity of vision & can be confident in how I interpret the world around me.

I never thought when I bought this that I would wear it this regularly for this long. The pewter pendant has developed a slight patina in places since it sits against my skin most of the time (see photo), but it is a sign of quality craftsmanship that it has stayed solid & whole. Its weight around your neck is just enough to feel when you think about it, but fades into the background easily. Even the black cord has lasted this long, which is surprising since I am not always kind when the adjusting knots catch a stray hair. It's a piece you can trust to wear on a regular basis, that will stand the test of time & wear. The value easily matches the price.


I just received my key chain and could not be happier!!! It is done beautifully. I love it!
The owner left a card in the package which made me feel like I know him. Thank you for the personal touch! I will definitely be back!

Beautifully Done

I love the craftsmanship of this piece it is truly beautiful

Celtic Fox Pendant

I purchased this little guy for my niece, who just LOVES anything FOX... the look in her eyes when she took him out of the black velvet bag was... indescribably. That's when you know you've found the perfect gift. Thanks Bob... I was glad to see you add a fox to the line up.

Celtic Turtle Keychain

Just as beautiful and detailed as everything I've ordered from Celtic Knot Works... I purchased this for a friend who loves turtles, and she fell automatically in love with it when she opened the black velvet bag and took out the keychain... I'll say this, the black bag is also a big hit, it gives the gift a great opening presentation...

Seeds of Hope

I am delighted with the Celtic charmholder necklace with acorn charms. It is a delicate reminder to live life with zest and hope. I ordered another necklace for a dear friend. Thanks, Bob, for your wonderful designs.

Beautifully Done

A very beautiful pendant I love it.