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Terrific Turtle

I purchased the Celtic Turtle Pendant for my husband, and i know he is going to love it! Thanks to Bob for his amazing craft work. And thanks for the Dragonfly key chain. Very groovy.

Beautiful Butterfly

The Celtic butterfly pendant is absolutely beautiful! It looks about to take off in flight. Don't leave, I love you.

Owl pendant

Love it!

Beautiful gift!

I bought this as a gift for my mother. It is even more beautiful than the picture shows. I added the silver necklace to give it a more delicate look.

Celtic Dragon Pendulum -Smokey Quartz

This is a Christmas gift to a dear friend of mine who happens to love both dragons and smokey quartz... she has admired the raven and owl pendants that I have purchased from Celtic Knot, and when I saw this one, I knew this was for her. The dragon is so detailed and the smokey quartz has a great color to it. I'm so excited for her to open her gift, that I might give it to her now! I have NEVER been disappointed with anything I've purchase from Bob... A true artist indeed!!


It is beautiful and I know my Daughter will love it.She served in the Navy and way stationed in Hawaii the turtle means a lot to here.

nice presentation

my brother was just amazed..great gift for his birthday

Matchbox cover

This is exactly what I was looking for to cover the matchbox in our guest bathroom. It is extremely well made and very attractive. Not only that but it is presented in a lovely black pouch and a small gift was included as well. Personal touches always make ordering special.

A beautiful piece of work

I bought the butterfly pendant as a surprise gift for my wife. She loves it. The chain is very nice too, with an almost silky feel to it.

Celtic owl pendant

Love it!!

Owl pendant

The owl pendant is beautiful. Reminds me of Trinity College.

Tree of Life

I absolutely adore the Tree of Life pendant! The new chain fits perfectly with it. Just the right length to enable you to were one or two other necklaces with it.

Celtic Wolf Pendant

I bought this pendant for my nephew, who will be turning 10 in a couple of weeks. He adores wolves, and has a spiritual connections to them. Well, this pendant?... JUST PERFECT!!! I knew the first time I saw it on the website, that I would be purchasing it. I can't wait for him to open up the beautiful velvet pouch, I know he'll love it as much as I do. Thank you for sending me the 2 chains,,, the black ball chain and the beautiful silver snake chain (at no extra cost)... I know he'll prefer the black ball chain over the silver chain, so that was a bonus for me. And who can forgot the little acorn words of wisdom in every black velvet pouch.. I look forward to those, and it's a great touch. Thanks Bob!

Celtic Acorn Pendant

This pendant is absolutely beautiful, what a awesome addition to my collection! Everything I've purchased from Celtic knot works is wonderfully made. oh, and the snake chain looks great with the pendant. Thanks Bob!


Just received this necklace in the mail and I am amazed at how well crafted it is! The lines are crisp, nothing is out of place, it's done very well. I highly recommend this necklace to everyone!


Great products, excellent craftsmanship and you couldn’t find better customer service!

Unassuming Beauty

Small but beautiful necklace, an instant conversation starter.


Thank you so much for this piece the tree of life is absolutely wonderful. I was looking forward ro getring this piece and it is beyond my expectations Magnificent detail it's absolutely perfect thank you again!!!

Solid Craftsmanship

I'm a pipe smoker who is a purist about using only matches to light my fire. A while ago, I stumbled upon some Victorian matchbox covers, all gorgeous. Many were made out of silver. Of course, as antiques, their prices were much more than reasonable for an item that I wanted to use, not just to collect. So, I searched and found Celtic Knot Works. Functional, gorgeous, with a variety of medallions available, and affordable, Celtic Knot Works matchbox holder was exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy it each time I strike a match. Thank you.

Celtic Wolf Pendant

Absolutely fantastic pendant! The detail is amazing and the size is perfect.

Great product!

Great product and great customer service