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Nice looking pendant that the wife loved.

Celtic Pen - Resilience Bindrune

Nice pen. Love the design. It was a gift to someone who loves to write. He loved the words on the pen.

Birch Leaf Pendant
Cindy Golden
Birch Leaf Pendant

This was a must have! I love this design completely, and wear it every day. You can see the powerful flow of energy in this design. I get many compliments on this pendant. BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL!

Labyrinth Necklace (Ancient)

Beautifully detailed. Very simple, but powerful at the same time.

Great Gift

The turtle was a gift for a friend. She loved it!

Celtic Raven Pendant
Melynda Gascoyne

Love it! Love it! Love it! I wear it always! The raven is one of my familiars


Didn't know that this was a need, the size is perfect for an American size tea cup. The Dryad loose leaf that came with it is phenomenal!
12/10 recommended

Resilience Bindrune

Very pleased. People I've given them to are very pleased to get them.


The necklace is a work of art. I love mine and purchased necklaces for my girls and granddaughter.
Thank you for such a lovely item.

Hecate's Wheel
Justin Miller
Love the pendant.

I am pleased to see such a beautiful piece of jewelry dedicated to the great goddess of crossroads and the moon. I feel happy to wear this in honor of Hecate. I love that you have expanded horizons of putting various different ancient symbols into your work. I can’t wait to see what other kinds of symbols you will utilize into fantastic jewelry in the future. :)

Celtic knot box

I bought it for my dad for his birthday. He loves it!
It’s nicely made.
I shop through instagram site and love seeing all of your work.

Celtic Bat Pendant
Jeff Stockton
What a neat trinket!

This bat is just beyond cool.
The craftsmanship is superb!


The Moon Pendant
Cindy Golden

I love this new line, The Sacred Grove. I was immediately attracted to this pendant and knew I would be purchasing it. I love how detailed and mythical it is. I feel empowered when I'm wearing it. Thank you Suzie for such a beautiful pendant!

Celtic Fox Pendant
Gabriel N Perico
Fox pendant

I was doubting the quality when I saw the price, but I was pleasantly mistaken. Not only did I receive the pendant (which was very good quality with beautiful craftsmanship), but I also got a chain and a little metal pebble with the Celtic acorn on it, which was a very nice touch. Overall, great product!

Courage Pendant
Michael Burbank
Courage Pendant

Another beautiful piece added to an ever growing Celtic Knot Works!!


beautiful symbols of growth, maturity and strength through Faith in the unseen.


Nice piece of inexpensive jewelry. Perfect for everyday wear by your favorite lady.

A gift that the recipient loved!

I bought this for my nephew and put a few small crystals inside symbolizing different things. He is very connected to wolves and loved both the box and the little treasures inside. He also loved the acorn charm that came with it!

Courage Pendant
Sunset Bough Tarot
A gift that the recipient loved!

I bought this for my niece who is obsessed with dragons and she absolutely loved it.

Highly recommend

Have bought several items from this company. The quality is always good as well as the service. They also make great gifts.

Great quality

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I like the design and durability of the necklace.

Celtic Raven Pewter Pin
Cindy Golden
Celtic Raven Pewter Pin

I love this raven design... so majestic and beautiful. The pin is sturdy and works well on backpacks and jean jackets.

Thor's hammer

Beautifully crafted piece. I've never been disappointed with any of my purchases. I am a repeat customer.

High Quality

The Celtic/Rose Quartz pendulum was a beautiful, high-quality piece. I was concerned about it arriving on time, and it did. The owner cares about his product and his customers. I highly recommend this item and this company.

Tiwaz Rune Pendant – Justice, Sense of Duty, Honor – Ancient Traditions
Beautiful work

Got mine. Excellent craftsmanship. Lovely piece.