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The Moon Pendant
Nancy Willey

I'm very happy with my Moon pendent.

so beautiful

the pendulum was a bit bigger than i expected but i love it. the amethyst is soo pretty

Great Value and Service

Not only was the product as nice as the picture but it was packaged beautifully. I had bought my item as a gift and the detail in the shipping and packaging made it easy for me to put together as a gift. I was surprised because I didn’t spend much. I will definitely shop here again.

The Star Pendant
Lisa Ritter Hayman
Beautiful necklace

This is a lovely piece. I wear it all the time and get lots of compliments on it. It is exactly as advertised and it ships very quickly. I highly recommend anything from this store. I have several pieces and I am so happy with each of them.

Amazing celtic bear money clip

Best money clip ive ever owned. Thank you.

Purchased as a gift for my husband - Great Looking Piece - He Loves it!

I purchased this for my husband and he was so pleased with it; he has always identified himself in association with the Thurisaz rune so this was perfect for him; however, rather than a chain, he would have preferred something more natural, like a piece of rawhide cord or hemp and a longer length. Maybe you could consider offering options with your products?

Also, although you mention the measured size of the pendent, the product image gives the impression that it is much larger, which is another characteristic my husband would have liked.

All-in-all, though, he absolutely loves it; didn't stop talking about it for a few days.

Love it!

After receiving my Brigid's hammer pendant, I loved the packaging it came in, along with a Celtic knotworks type medallion and personally signed card thanking me for my purchase. To give it more a Celtic feel for a necklace, I handmade my own neck chain, and absolutely love my Brigid's hammer necklace.

Beautiful as always

ALL the items I have bought from Bob are Beautiful Handcrafted pieces. The details are perfect and the designs are timeless in the Celtic tradition. Thanks Bob!

A wonderful, sturdy box.

I'm very pleased with this purchase. The steel shell is sturdy, and I'm using the little wooden box to hold the small (32 ct box) matches. I have some striking stickers that I got from Amazon ( that I put on the bottom, outside surface for lighting the matches. I did send Celtic Knot Works a suggestion that, if they made the little wooden insert just 1/8" longer it would be close to flush with the ends of the metal shell, and it would fit the little matches perfectly, with no modification to the match sticks.
The wolf rune is beautiful, as is the Tree of Life rune that came with it. I will be buying more (but, I want to see what Bob's response is to the extra 1/8" inch, first :-) I don't want to get another one and, a week later, find that he adopted my suggestion. )

Very happy with my purchase!

I purchased three Resilience Bindrune Pendants for people in my life facing serious illness and/or grieving the loss of a loved one. All recipients loved their gifts and the meanings behind the symbol, as well as the beauty of the pendant. Delivery was very quick as well. Thank you.

Abundance Pendant
Pamela Sharon
Abundance pendant

This pendant is beautiful! I have ordered several items from you and am very pleased with every one of them. All beautiful!

Celtic Spirals Cat Pendant

This is a lovely piece - I am very satisfied with the product. I am also extremely pleased with the delivery - it came in a nice green bag with a thank you card and a Celtic Knot Works coin, which I love, which also came in a pretty bag of it's own. So very thoughtful - made me smile! Thank you for being such wonderful people.

Just Beautiful

Luv it 💓

Celtic Owl Ornament
Pamela Jill Doyle
Celtic Owl Ornament

Ornament is absolutely Beautiful! Loved it. Craftmanship outstanding!

Bind coins

These coins are just large enough to finger discretely and the artistic beauty reminds me of the power of art to heal and inspire.


Tiny pocket acorns carry beneficial messages with you, light weight and discrete.

Really like it.

This is a solid good-sized pendant with nicely defined detail. Will definitely order more in the future.


I love this. It arrived quickly and it’s really well made. Very happy with it.

Celtic Raven Pendant
Lisa Ritter Hayman
Beautiful necklace

I love my raven pendant and necklace. I wear it every day. The seller ships very quickly and product is packaged securely. Easy to work with. Highly recommend this shop.

Viking wayfinder shaving soap

WOW the fragrance is awesome it foams up and glides wonderful and shave with with a straight razor. Thank you I will purchase more , and my wife is ravaging me 🤓

Beautiful pendant

The detail on the charm holder is beautiful, it’s big enough to hold the charm and a small crystal. I’ve received many compliments when I wear the charm holder necklace. It’s unusual enough to robe eye catching.

Beautiful craftmanship

The Tree of Life pendant is the first of two necklaces I ordered from Celtic Knot Works. After receiving this and realizing how nice it is I ordered another which I will provide a separate review for. This piece represents the meaning of the symbol with a bold fashion statement. The inscription on the reverse side is a nice addition. The chain is a well made snake chain that's built to last.

Celtic Dragon Pendant
Lisa Ritter Hayman
Beautiful necklace

My necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. It is exactly as advertised and the shipping was so fast. I will definitely order from this store again.


This is such a beautiful Celtic knot that I was able to gift to my boyfriend for a second time. The first one I say got stolen by and low frequency ex friend. We hardly have anyone over much less enter our room. But I was so overjoyed to have found the same company that makes these.


This is such a beautiful Celtic knot that I was able to gift to my boyfriend for a second time. The first one I say got stolen by and low frequency ex friend. We hardly have anyone over much less enter our room. But I was so overjoyed to have found the same company that makes these.