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10pc bundle - Essential Workers Key Chain - Strength Protection Resilience Victory keychain

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  • 10pc bundle of Essential Workers Bindrune Keychains - Strength Protection Resilience Victory
  • Proudly Handcrafted in USA.
  • Hand cast fine pewter with steel ring.
  • Approximately 1/2" wide and 3/4" tall.

Celebrating Essential Workers!

I've crafted a new bind-rune dedicated to all Essential Workers. This keychain features this new bind-rune, a strong symbol to inspire Strength, Protection, Resilience, and Victory. The bail features the leaf of the oak tree, my favorite tree. It's perfect for essential workers, and for anybody who needs a boost of resilience during trying times.

The runes incorporated in the bindrune are:

  • Uruz for strength and determination
  • Algiz for protection
  • Eihwaz for resilience
  • Wunjo for victory, joy, and gratitude

Thank you, essential workers! You have no idea how much you are appreciated.

Note: The 10pc pack is offered for all essential workers -- for your office, healthcare workers, family, postal carriers, retail employees, firefighters, and more.  

How I Made These: To make this, first I etched each rune onto birchwood. Then I used the wood rune pieces to create the pewter-casting mold. They have a natural & rustic finish, with a modern & timeless flair. They turned out really amazing, and you will love them.

All CelticKnotWorks pieces are proudly handcrafted in the USA. This pendant is my original design, designed from scratch by me. I make these pendants in partnership with my family business, Deva Designs.

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These are so beautiful.