Whether you’re decorating for a Celtic Christmas or need some Viking Ornaments for Yule, we’ve got you covered. This year, award winning designer Bob Heiney is debuting three new ornament collections. The Celtic Traditions Ornaments, the Celtic Symbols Ornaments, and the Yule Tide Viking Rune Ornaments are all hand-crafted in the USA with a high precision laser in warm, natural birchwood.

Ornaments are available individually, but in the holiday spirit, you’ll get the best price when you buy the set. Use to decorate your tree, or as gifts for your favorite people. Each ornament comes with an attached cord and is individually gift-boxed.

Celtic Traditions Ornaments

Exquisite Celtic knots form this quartet of lovely, distinctive holiday ornaments. The Celtic Wolf represents loyalty and endurance – even through the snowy winter, the wolf is the strength of the pack. The Celtic Owl, icon of wisdom and protector of knowledge, and Celtic Butterfly, symbol of positive change, will add grace and elegance to your holidays. The Celtic Tree of Life features matching Celtic knots as its roots and branches, a balanced beauty that reminds us to stay grounded while reaching for our dreams.

Celtic Symbols Ornaments

Perfect for a Celtic Christmas, Solstice Celebration, or Yule, the Celtic Symbols Ornaments are modern versions of truly ancient Celtic symbols. The Triskele is the triple spiral, evocative of the powerful motion of energy through the universe. The Triquetra, a three sided Celtic knot, represents the divine trinity as well as connection, peace and strength. Brigid’s Hammer is the symbol of creativity and inspiration – a wonderful and unique gift for artists, craftsmen, and makers. The Shield Knot, intricately created openwork style, protects what is so important at this time of year: hearth and home, friends and family.

Yule Tide Viking Rune Ornaments

One of the best things to come out of 2020 was the Resilience Bindrune Bob designed to support essential workers with strength, protection, resilience and victory. Bestow your holiday celebration with these noble virtues with this 5 piece ornament set which includes the Resilience Bindrune as well as the four component runes. Uruz is the rune for strength and determination. Algiz is for protection, Eihwaz represents resilience, and Wunjo is the rune for joy, victory and gratitude.