Ogham Set – Celtic Tree Alphabet


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  • Insight & guidance with the ancient Irish Alphabet known as the Celtic Tree Language
  • 20 solid oak wood staves, each ~1.5″h X 3/8″w and 1/4″ thick
  • Presented in a velvet pouch
  • Includes Ogham Quick Reference card with meanings

I’ve been wanting to make Irish Ogham Sets for years, and the time is now! 

Each set I make includes 20 natural oakwood ogham-staves cut from 1/4″ oak, presented in a velvet bag with my Ogham Quick Reference card. Perfect for all those seeking answers from their intuition.  

About Ogham

Ogham is the ancient alphabet used in Ireland and neighboring Celtic lands of Scotland, Wales, & the Isle of Man, from the 4th century or earlier. Today, it’s commonly referred to as the Tree Language, with each letter linked to one or more trees. Yet trees are just the tip of the iceberg. Ogham is a deeply complex, sophisticated alphabet, and its tapestry of rich correspondences dates back to medieval times and earlier. Many of these enigmatic meanings are difficult to decipher and hotly debated. 

To read Ogham, you start at the bottom, and read upward — as a tree grows — from bottom to top. The alphabet begins with B = Beithe for Birch

Each of my Ogham sets includes an Ogham Quick Reference card, as a starting point based on historic meanings and correspondences. As you work with the ogham, I encourage you to learn more and develop your own insights. Resources I’ve found helpful:

  • Ogham 3D: Letters. https://ogham.celt.dias.ie/menu.php?lang=en&menuitem=03
  • Laurie, Erynn Rowan. Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom.
  • McManus, Damian. Irish Letter-Names and Their Kennings. Eriu, 2988, Vol. 39, pp. 127-168.
  • McManus, Damien. A Guide to Ogam. 1991. PDF
  • Patton, John-Paul. The Poet’s Ogam: A Living Magical Tradition.

10% of proceeds from this project benefit landscape protection efforts in Ireland, through the work of the Burrenbeo Trust, County Galway, Ireland; and of the Native Woodland Trust, offices in Dublin, Ireland.

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